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Yoga Teacher Training In Bali

Choosing A Yoga Teacher Training In Bali

Tips for Choosing a High-Quality Yoga Teacher Training in Bali Location, price, style, the teachers, standards, ethics, accreditation, duration, authenticity, honesty, integrity, inclusions, support, food, and accommodation options. These are all things you are probably considering, or should be if you are looking for a good quality yoga teacher training in Bali. I honestly hope […]

Yoga Teacher Training Course Bali Power Of Now Oasis

Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

Yoga teacher in Bali – Immerse yourself in transformative training at Power of Now Oasis, Power of Now Oasis is one of Bali’s most established (2010), reputable yoga and healing centres. We are specialised in high quality teacher training and have our own unique purpose built yoga retreat centre with 2 beautiful eco-friendly shalas. Along […]

How to Sequence a Peak Pose

How to Sequence a Peak Pose

YOGA TEACHER TRAINING GUIDE How to sequence a peak pose in your yoga class As a yoga teacher, one of the fun parts of teaching a class is sequencing. But this part of our job can also be a challenging one. Or maybe you aren’t a yoga teacher but have been doing your own self-practice […]

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Why Practicing Yoga Today is Different

Are you looking to get back into yoga or just interested in starting? What’s it all about? We explore what’s so different about practicing yoga today in 2019 and hat has changed. See, a few years ago, when Instagram skyrocketed with images after images of fancy acrobatic poses, everyone scrolled past these photos in awe. […]

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The Power of Now Oasis Yoga Experience

Set 50 metres away from the sea shore in Sanur on the island of Bali, Power of Now Oasis is a yoga studio built 100% of bamboo. It is a beautiful eco structure set right on the beach, with a beautiful tranquil garden in which Angelique, their sacred Bali cow and Head Meditator lives. There […]

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How To Meditate for Complete Beginners

How do you meditate if you’re a complete beginner – 5 steps to meditation No matter how advanced their physical practice, many yoga students will still ask for tips on how to meditate. There are many different meditative practices, for example painting, cleaning your room, driving even. This blog will help you to decipher traditional […]

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5 Reasons To Start Yoga in 2020

Need convincing to start yoga in 2020? I believe that to start or break any habit is a matter of sustained energy, focus and dedication. This means that if you truly wish to start practicing yoga more in 2020, or to re-incorporate the practice into your life, then my main piece of advice for you […]

Power of Now Oasis Yoga Teacher Training in Sanur Bali

How To Get a Yoga Teaching Job

We share the best ways to get a yoga teaching job So you’ve done your yoga teacher training, deepened your practice to a level even you didn’t think was possible, inverted and twisted and changed your perspective on life and the universe, and now you’re ready to find your first yoga teaching job. Sharing valuable […]

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Steps to Self-Awareness, Yoga and Trust

Exploring Self-Awareness and Building Trust Through Yoga   Inspired by an inversions class I took recently (from the amazing Jolie Manza), I thought the first blog post in this series should focus on an aspect of yoga that is relatively unexplored. Or at least, seriously underrated. What is the relationship between Yoga and Trust? There’s […]

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4 Things you can do to feel good

Anybody can benefit from doing a bit of yoga and meditation. Many people say they don’t have time with family, work, general busy lifestyles. Yet just five or ten minutes, even in bed or while eating, standing in the queue, sitting at work or waiting in a room, provides an opportunity for a little stretch. […]