Why is yoga so popular these days?

People in the current age are seemingly more stressed-out than ever before. Rushing to work, calling a friend, touching base with family, connecting with yourself. Do you find you don’t have time? Time for yoga, time for yourself?

  • The body wants to move. As animals, we are designed for movement. Yoga moves, opens and strengthens the physical body.
  • Union of mind, body and soul. Yoga gives a soothing refuge for the mind from the constant buzz of visual and other stimuli that our senses are bombarded with, every minute of every day. It allows the spirit to settle in to its center and find its most natural, centered and relaxed state of being.

But, what is the greatest benefit of yoga?

  • Whatever happens to you on your yoga mat, offers you a learning experience that you can then take with you to your everyday life.

For example, if you learn how to balance on your yoga mat, this will help you learn how to balance in your everyday life. When you face a difficulty in your yoga practice, you learn how to work yourself through difficult times to apply that knowledge to your everyday life. Experiencing how and when to make an effort and how and when to consciously relax and you can apply that to everyday life.

What makes yoga so popular

  • Attention. Yoga meets the basic need for us to give attention.

In your yoga practice you award that attention to yourself, allowing for feelings of full-filled, healthy and energised.