Anybody can benefit from doing a bit of yoga and meditation. Many people say they don’t have time with family, work, general busy lifestyles. Yet just five or ten minutes, even in bed or while eating, standing in the queue, sitting at work or waiting in a room, provides an opportunity for a little stretch. Or maybe close your eyes and simply become aware of your breathing. 

But, what are four things to do each day that can really help you to feel good?

Here are 4 things you can do to feel good. 


The importance and power of routine, as habitual beings, allows us to feel safe and therefore relax. Establishing a routine will allow for the the body to anticipate its surroundings and what is to occur, creating a safe environment for it to intuitively relax as a response to its environment that you have carefully created.


We are breathing 24/7 until our last breath. Therefore why not trying a conscious breath? Sitting with yourself and your breath, letting it roll in and out – observe. You don’t have to sit like Buddha in lotus or be able to touch your toes, or even to wear fancy pants. Breathe, take some deep conscious breaths and feel positive thoughts.

Be Mindful

Setting an intention by spending that time before you begin your day, whether it is 5 minutes or an hour practice, sets up the rest of the day to be more enjoyable and productive.

It’s not only about being habitual and having a routine, but establishing a ritual.


Giving can be actioned in many different ways and forms. It may be giving to the self. Giving to yourself in a positive, non-hoarding or greedy way, can produce positive vibes and therefore uplift those around you, giving to the wider community.

Yoga is a beautiful form of giving. Yoga is not traditionally an exercise class, it is a lifestyle with many aspects that anybody can enjoy and benefit from. Many yoga studios and individuals practice karma yoga, where by practicing, they are giving back.

Also, like meditation, there are many techniques and styles, none better than the other, just different ways to receive and give similar benefits.