Need convincing to start yoga in 2020?

I believe that to start or break any habit is a matter of sustained energy, focus and dedication. This means that if you truly wish to start practicing yoga more in 2020, or to re-incorporate the practice into your life, then my main piece of advice for you is simply this: just do it.

Just start.

Make the small, conscious decision to attend a class. And then make that decision again and again, and so on… It’s small, repeated and non-overwhelming decisions such as these which help propel us forward in any aspect of our lives. One class at a time. One asana at a time. One breath at a time, and gradually – yoga might become a staple feature of your day. Or it might not. And that’s okay too!

That being said, some of you will still need to hear some solid FACTS and STATS to convince you to start yoga. You might be wary of the mumbo-jumbo Sanskrit words. You may be nervous to get in touch with your body again, or worried about confronting the emotions that arise – or any other number of excuses. Let 2020 be the year you finally go deeper and see that yoga is not all about lycra and standing on our heads!

Why You Should Embrace Yoga in the Year 2020: 5 Convincing Points

1. Self-Awareness

The word ‘yoga’ translates to mean ‘union’, or ‘connection’, and with this in mind we can see the practice as a way to simply connect a little bit more to ourselves. Cultivating this connection has endless benefits in seemingly unrelated areas of our lives – relationships, work, friendships…Clichéd as it sounds, everything around you starts to improve when you spend a little more time befriending yourself.

2. Community

Again, This is something we don’t necessarily think of when we decide to attend a yoga class. The community and the friendships that can be cultivated through attending classes and opening up with friends (or strangers!) over coffee or a juice afterwards can be some of the deepest connections you’ll ever make.

3. Mental Health

Starting yoga and engaging with the yogic lifestyle has numerous obvious effects on our physical health. Yet another area that sustained practice has been frequently proven to drastically improve is our mental health. If you’ve always had a relatively fit or strong physique yet have struggled mentally this year, then yoga could be the answer for you in 2018. Similarly if you’re looking for somewhere to start cultivating a more dedicated, confident state of mind to improve overall fitness levels in 2018, yoga is a great base for this too. By strengthening our mental state, everything else around us improves and we start to believe in our capacity to achieve greatness.

4. Productivity

It has been scientifically proven and frequently studied in recent years (‘6 Ways Yoga Can Improve Productivity’) that having a steady and dedicated yoga practice can significantly improve our levels of productivity. No matter what area you work in, I think we can all agree that higher levels of productivity and focus are something we can strive for. Who knows what you could achieve in 2018 if you start yoga and use it to boost your output?

5. Why Not?

The ever-encouraging question – Why not start yoga? Why not even give it a shot? Whether you’re a complete beginner, a rusty yogi-spinster or just seeking to change up your routine practice – there’s nothing quite like a new year to start from a blank slate and encourage a little bit more lightness into your life. We live in a world full of negative projections, emotions and stimulants coming at us from all angles, so now more than ever it’s important to start finding and befriending the little ray of positive energy and enthusiasm we all possess within us.

Let yoga inject a little bit more positive energy to your life in 2018, and join the team at Power of Now Oasis for daily drop-in classes!!

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One thought on “5 Reasons To Start Yoga in 2020

  1. Tamara says:

    It’s wonderful to read a message from you this first day of the year, Jenny. I appreciate this list of reasons to invest again in yoga. Thank you. Today, I am aware of the strength and flexibility of my spine and the call from my core to practice.

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