You often hear these phrases all related to mindfulness. We all want to live in the moment, stay in the now. Because it sounds so good, right? What is the power of now, and how can you achieve this?

But, what does the Power of Now actually mean?

Well, consider this. You are eating a nice meal, perhaps some nice chocolate cake. Then you decide to switch on the TV. As you are eating and watching TV, your phone rings and you start talking to your friend. What happens in this situation is that you will not be able to enjoy the richness of your food, you will not be able to enjoy whatever is on TV and you will not be able to dedicate to your friend, the attention they seek in the friendship.

You are not present in either of these activities, although you are doing all three at the same time. Being present means to dedicate your full attention, your entire focus to what you are actually doing.

Dedicate your attention to the moment.

That will give you a full and rich life experience, whatever it is that you do with your life in any given moment.

How can I be more present?

It is not always easy, but you can improve by practicing it. Some people call this practice meditation. Focus on one thing and one thing only. Celebrate life by being completely present. You don’t need to live in a cave in the Himalayas to practice that.

There is a great and simple tool the Power of Now Oasis use in physical yoga practice to achieve that one-pointed focus: balancing poses. When you are challenging yourself in a balancing pose (each at their own level, wether for you that means lifting one foot off the floor or balancing your whole body on the tip of a finger nail or one small finger] you will be fully focused on balancing. You will not think about what is for dinner or or run through your shopping list in your head.

Your body interprets balancing as a situation where you need all your focus, otherwise you fall. Simple as that.

There is Power in the Now

Each moment brings a great opportunity to practice being present. By doing so, you can bring more calrity, happiness, truth into your life, for a more full and rich experience.