UPDATE June 15th, 2021

We are pretty excited to be offering our first training in over 15 months. We are confirmed with foreign students, and locals arriving soon.

We are all set… our full faculty of highly experienced teachers and visiting experts are here. No deposit required. We won’t cancel on you.

Our special discount and visa inclusion does not comprise the high standard of our course and certification.

The Yoga Teacher Training at Power of Now Oasis runs for 27 days and is led by 3 truly experienced head teachers, real visiting expert lecturers and a full support team. 

You will be able to confidently teach a class and gain a highly regarded Yoga Alliance/Power of Now Oasis certificate from a reputable established school.

As usual, our scheduled classes are running again. Our lead teachers are teaching classes daily, so you can do unlimited classes before hand and

2 weeks after. You will also be part of the intern follow up training and open practice teacher classes free to the public. These will greatly benefit those seriously starting out as teachers to gain real experience.

Our beautiful zenned-out boutique hotel is also opening again with discount accommodation packages. You can also choose your own budget style from a range of close-by options.

With limited numbers we have 2 scholarship students on board already, but have decided to offer a few more full or partial scholarships for eligible students. Please email us for details. 

We are still hopeful that Bali may open for direct flights possibly through Singapore in july. Alll our staff have been vaccinated. Sanur is a very peaceful safe area in Bali, and is part of the new COVID-safe green zone.

Please go to our website for full details. Check out the complete course information, teacher bio’s, or you are most welcome to come and chat directly and even do a complementary class if you are lucky enough to be around.

All the information on our site is honest, with real pictures. We do practise the second yama. Satya. Truthfulness.

We pride ourselves on our standards and ethics. Authenticity. Equality for all. We have a zero tolerance sexual, physical or mental harassment policy in place.

To be truthful, we are all VERY excited to be welcoming back students and retreat guests. It’s going to be a special month for us all.

Angelique is happy. The boss said he might take us all for a few sunset sailing meditations. It’s all good. We survived! We are fortunate, and grateful.

Relax, breathe, be mindful, give.