Have you been searching for happiness but can’t seem to find it? Perhaps you are looking in the wrong direction.

Happiness is your real nature. All beings desire to be happy. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside, when it is inside.

This statement, expressed by many awakened sages, since time immemorial, from the upanishads, Ramana Marharshi, Jesus, Budda, are words to guide all to real happiness, peace of mind, awakening, our true nature, sat chit ananda, translated as, being consciousness bliss.

Every living being longs to be perpetually happy, without misery. Real lasting happiness, not temporary pleasure from outside things, but continual inner harmony and bliss. Including; peace of mind, reawakening, connecting to the origin of our being.

Understanding this knowledge, and practising these fundamental steps can help anyone awaken their own happiness.

Step 1. Know that a journey that never goes beyond words, ideas, thoughts or concepts, is not a journey to awakening.

Use the steps/teachings, as practise instructions. Walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Stop thinking so much about the future, or past, doing this or that, or getting more. As often as possible, be present in whatever you are doing. Practise it. Experience it. Feel it.

What is worth seeking and discovering, is the truth of self..Such knowledge comes only to the still, clear intellect, not muddled by strenuous search outside, but questing for the truth in silence.

Step 2. Know that the world is a dreamlike illusion.

Everything in this world is constantly changing..Your mind, body, emotions, the planet, all the phenomena, events  and actions going on. Impermanence.

When one now, deeming oneself the mind and body, wandering lost amid phenomena, wakes up from the dream-spectacle and remerges in the self and stands as that, this is the inwardness of yoga true.

Step 3. See how the imposter self perpetuates its imaginary self and all illusion and suffering.

We are mostly caught up in our own self centredness, our ego.I am so and so.I am this or that.I think I will do that, because I need more. Then I will be happy I, i , me, mine..

Attachments to our body and identity causes so much desire, fear, worry and agitation..

When ego ends, then one becomes a devotee true. When ego ends, one becomes a knower too. When ego ends, grace fills all space.

Here in this earthly life, there is no greater good than gaining the grandure of self supreme. To gain it, and enjoy it, search within, and first destroy the ego false and worthless.

Step 4. Increase your desire for liberation.

Make your desire for liberation so intense that your entire life is dedicated to awakening.

By  understanding the knowledge that most misery is caused by mental attachment to ego, fear and desire for worldly objects and activities, you finally seek freedom.You want to know your true self. You have to really want it to get it. Steady purpose and earnest effort are needed.

Since this mind, which has very well understood that the consciousness which shines as “i”,alone is the source of full and real happiness, now seeks self because of its natural craving for happiness, this intense desire to attend to self is indeed the highest form of devotion.All you need is a sincere longing for reality.

Step 5. Be inspired, encouraged and motivated

1. Make and maintain the decision to bring the imposter self and all suffering to its final end and thus remain forever in infinite awareness love bliss.

2. Actually practise all seven steps.

Those whose body bound ego is dead, live a life of pure awareness, rejoicing in the self, carefree, in peace unruffled by desire.

Try and try again. One step at a time is easy. Energy flows from earnestness.

Don’t be discouraged by the length of the journey and don’t slacken in your efforts to get home

To know the self as the only reality and all else as temporal and transient, is freedom, peace and joy.

Wake up, know yourself, be yourself.

Step 6. Turn your attention inward.

It begins as a mental exercise. Being present. Close your eyes. Be still and silent. Strengthen your focus, awareness, of mind, body, spirit. Breath awareness. Just observe them. When the breath and thoughts have slowed from practised right attention, you can move to awareness of a feeling, of consciousness in the heart centre. No thought of outside senses, worldly pleasure, past or future. Mindful connection to being consciousness bliss.

With mind turned inward, drown the world in the deep void, dispel illusion. Beholding then the void as void, destroy the void by drowning it in the deep ocean of self awareness.

Investigating who perceives this false external world of sense, bring to an end the frisking ego’s mischief. Abiding as supreme awareness in the heart, this alone is liberation.

Step 7. Spend as much time as you can every day practising the most rapid, effective and direct method that brings the imposter self to its final end.

Self inquiry. Meditation. Awareness of awareness. The right attention. If you observe awareness steadily, this awareness itself as guru will reveal the truth.

You can continue this practise of awareness anywhere, at home, work, or play. The trick is the right attention. Awareness. Non-attachment. You don’t need to go on retreat, do more workshops, or find a guru. Other aids to this pursuit of happiness might include family and community connection, and service to others such as karma yoga, devotional practises to the higher power of your own understanding; connection with mother nature; creative arts. Just try to be present with mindfulness, no matter what you are doing.

Power of Now Oasis have our own turtle pond at Kolonial House boutique accommodation in Sanur. All are welcome to practise sitting in silence with her. Angelique, the sacred cow who lives at the Power of Now Oasis yoga studio, teaches meditation on yoga teacher trainings in Bali.

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Relax. Breathe. Be Mindful. Give.