What’s so good about Sanur for me to travel there?

Most often when someone says they are heading to Bali for a vacation, Ubud or Canggu would probably be their destination of choice. We don’t blame them. With rolling green rice-fields that trademarks Ubud’s landscape and trendy and hip Instagrammable cafes/joints and food of Seminyak/Canggu, these two prime locations are where the deal is.

So, why would I travel to Sanur?

This leaves places like Sanur, quiet and tranquil. The roads are safe for cyclists, pedestrians and children, the beaches are free from noisy, obnoxious clubs and bars, the main town is chilled out and filled with a harmonious mix of relaxed tourists, expats, locals and families.

There are still lively activities but also spots in which you can be left alone and at peace. The waves are calm, the beach is brilliant white and pristine, the surf breaks are great to catch a morning or late afternoon ride, the sunset is breathtaking and the sunrise? Well, there aren’t any words to describe it.

What’s there to do in Sanur?

  • Surf one of the best right hand surf breaks in Bali
  • Kite Surf in the Lagoon
  • Sail in the Lagoon
  • Learn to Stand Up Paddle
  • Kite flying
  • Skip over to Nusa Penida for the day or Lembongan
  • Do yoga on the beach at Power of Now Oasis
  • Chill on the beach at Genius Cafe
  • Walk through the rice fields
  • Visit the local food markets
  • Relax at some of Bali’s best spas, as Sanur is the location of the most reputable massage school in Bali
  • Ride your bicycle around for some window shopping
  • Eat at an array of healthy and inexpensive restaurants and warungs
  • Party at Casablanca or the Fire Station or join an on the beach seasonal event