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Steps to Self-Awareness, Yoga and Trust

Exploring Self-Awareness and Building Trust Through Yoga   Inspired by an inversions class I took recently (from the amazing Jolie Manza), I thought the first blog post in this series should focus on an aspect of yoga that is relatively unexplored. Or at least, seriously underrated. What is the relationship between Yoga and Trust? There’s […]

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4 Things you can do to feel good

Anybody can benefit from doing a bit of yoga and meditation. Many people say they don’t have time with family, work, general busy lifestyles. Yet just five or ten minutes, even in bed or while eating, standing in the queue, sitting at work or waiting in a room, provides an opportunity for a little stretch. […]

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4 Simple Truths of Yoga

Why is yoga so popular these days? People in the current age are seemingly more stressed-out than ever before. Rushing to work, calling a friend, touching base with family, connecting with yourself. Do you find you don’t have time? Time for yoga, time for yourself? The body wants to move. As animals, we are designed […]