Why is Power of Now Oasis your choice for the best Yoga Teacher Training in Bali?

There are so may trainings to choose from in the world, but how to sift through and find the best Yoga Teacher Training in Bali?

We asked our students the mains points they considered when choosing their training and why they chose Power of Now Oasis.

Location, community and studio vibe

Power of Now Oasis Studio is located right on a white sand beach, with a clear blue water lagoon, fringed by palm trees, at the door step. It is simply beautiful and relaxing.

Sanur is well know for its more peaceful atmosphere. A rich local community vibe still surrounds the studio, with several temples, local markets, and many great restaurants and cafe’s close by, and where the streets are safe to walk, without the harassment and noise from mass tourism.it has a very chilled, yet still vibrant atmosphere.

Eco-friendly studio

The unique, purpose built, eco friendly studios are amazing. The main studio is entirely built of bamboo, in the shape of a turtle, set in a beautiful garden oasis, overlooking the beachfront, with a juice cafe, chill space, and treatment rooms downstairs, and open style main studio upstairs, where you can see the ocean and feel the cool breeze.

Established, reputable school

Established in 2010, Power of Now Oasis has successfully trained hundreds of students. So many trainings are transient, hotel based, relatively new online operations. At Power of Now Oasis, you are assured of your investment, and receiving a high standard of training.

Experienced Faculty

The experienced teacher trainers, are truly committed to delivering an authentic, top quality learning experience. With our E RYT 500 head teachers present full-time, visiting faculty, including an Ayurvedic doctor, pre-natal Yoga Teacher and doctor, as well as an acro experts, and a full support team, they believe a minimum of 26 days training, with 200hrs of actual contact learning, but enough time off to rest, and still enjoy all Bali has to offer, is necessary. We only do trainings every second month, so the teachers and the team are fully rested and motivated.

Personalised experience

The school only accept 20 students max, so you get personalised attention, and support, all your questions answered, and you can create lasting friendships with teachers and trainees alike, all ensuring your YTT is a high quality, memorable experience.

Student experience

As Power of Now is an established and registered school, with its own purpose built studio, you have the opportunity as part of your YTT to attend public classes for 2 weeks prior and after your YTT. You also have the unique option to teach some public classes after graduation, to build confidence, for those wanting to teach.

Semi not-for-profit

The modern yoga scene has become very commercialised, but not at Power of Now Oasis. We are very proud to be semi not-for-profit, with our main motivation to be supporting 2 local children’s foundations.

Join Power of Now Oasis for our next training, knowing you have made the right choice.