As you might have seen in the latest news around Bali and Jakarta, COVID cases continue to rise. We want to make sure that all of our teachers, staff, and customers stay safe and healthy. 

In the interest of the community, we have decided to close the studio until further notice. We look forward to reopening daily yoga classes, yoga teacher trainings, health retreats, and rehab in Bali as soon as the numbers start dropping again and when the situation calms down. 

All through the pandemic, we have tried our best to do the right thing, provide the right advice and keep our community safe. Even when the studio is open, we follow all the relevant health advice, our staff are all fully vaccinated and we notify our customers to keep their mask on until they are on the mat and keep safe distance from one another.

We hope that you are all staying safe, following the necessary protocols, and doing what is best (such as getting vaccinated) for the well-being of the Bali community.

Come on Bali yogis, beautiful people of Canggu, do the right thing for the Bali community. Think about others and the local community, please. 

Until then… relax, breathe, be mindful, give.