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Ayurveda Treatments
Ibu Dayu

In Ayurveda, medicated oils, herbs, root or resin of herbal plants are used to cure various diseases. These techniques are very effective in relieving stress and loss of sleep without side effects.

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Chinese Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine
Toni Liem

Sinshe Toni Liem is one of the best acupuncture alternative medicine practitioners in Bali.  Toni’s acupuncture practice aims to restore the balance of yin and the proportional aspect in the body, mind, and Soul.

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Enjoy a traditional Balinese massage prior to being buried in hot Bokashi herbs, to relax your muscles and detox your body. Ensure you drink plenty of water prior to treatment.

Allow at least two hours.

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Hammock Therapy

Practitioner: You

It’s easy and it’s free right in the gardens of the studio. Just Breathe, swing, breathe, swing and enjoy!