Why practicing Yoga in 2019 is different

It’s the middle of January and a little bit too late to start with new year resolutions.
But we do have a suggestion to add into your list of must do, or must get back into – yoga.

Why practicing Yoga in 2019 is different 1

See, a few years ago, when Instagram skyrocketed with images after images of fancy acrobatic poses, everyone scrolled past these photos in awe. Yoga can lead you to that? Coupled with the likes, followers and comments game, this practice suddenly became the most sought out path to health and flexibility.

We thank this explosion, the introduction of yoga into this very modern world. Albeit, maybe not for the right reasons.

But it is slowly changing.

Why and how?

Because as the mindfulness movement grows, more and more yoga teachers and yoga practitioners are opting for safe, functional movement, poses and alignment. There are more and more literature and courses pertaining to anatomy and therapy and the commercial yoga as we know it, has taken a sort of a back seat.

Why practicing Yoga in 2019 is different 2

Don’t get us wrong! Even as we type this, there are probably a million more photos of bodies in gravity defying poses, of bodies pretzeling themselves into shapes most human beings cannot even imagine possible.

There is a underwave though, of classes becoming more inclusive, more safe, more about working on the body from where it is, respecting the joints and connective tissues and of course, bone health.

So we say, if you’ve taken yoga out of your life, come back in and enjoy the quiet changes that are taking place. If you have never taken a yoga class, read about a few in your neighborhood and try a class which speaks out the most to you – probably the one where the teacher is sensitive and cares about safety in anatomy rather than making shapes.

It’s truly a wonderful practice to be in, we know.

We have been there and we have observed and experienced the fluctuations of the yoga world,
which is why we at Power of Now Oasis vow to always teach inclusive, safe, functional and mindful classes.

Why practicing Yoga in 2019 is different 3

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