Why travel to Sanur?

Most often when someone says they are heading to Bali for a vacation, Ubud or Canggu would probably be their destination of choice. We don’t blame them. With rolling green ricefields that trademarks Ubud’s landscape and trendy and hip Instagrammable cafes/joints and food of Seminyak/Canggu, these two prime locations are where the deal is.

Why travel to Sanur? 1

This leaves places like Sanur, quiet and tranquil. The roads are safe for cyclists, pedestrians and kiddos, the beaches are free from noisy, obnoxious clubs and bars, the main town is chilled out and filled with a harmonious mix of relaxed tourists, expats, locals and families.

Why travel to Sanur? 2

There are still lively activities but also spots in which you can be left alone and at peace. The waves are calm, the beach is brilliant white and pristine, the surf breaks are great to catch a morning or late afternoon ride, the sunset is breathtaking and the sunrise? Well, there aren’t any words to describe it.

Why travel to Sanur? 3

So if you are truly looking for a place to unwind during your holiday without all that noise and traffic and massive amount of people, give Sanur a chance.  Mass tourism hasn’t gotten its hands on Sanur (and we pray it never will) which leaves everyone, local, expats and tourists alike a lot more calm and a lot more happy.

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