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Rehab Retreat Program Overview

Power of Now Oasis is a high quality Bali Rehab Centre.

Together with a team of experts, we deliver a special rehab retreat in Bali: a composite of clinical and holistic wellness programs, customized for individual needs. We treat a range of addictive behaviors and mental health issues alone, including alcoholism or drug abuse, anxiety, depression, acute stress and traumas.

Our Bali rehab centre incorporates best practices in addiction medicine, clinical psychology and holistic therapies. Treatment is run by experienced, empathic professionals, including medical addiction specialists, psychotherapists, trained counselors, teachers, holistic therapists and support people – all dedicated to your healing.

When it comes to supporting our clients and their families through their rehabilitation, we have found that a customized approach is most effective. This is why our programs are tailored to the unique needs of our clients and their loved ones. You will also find our tranquil beachside location – away from the hustle and bustle of popular tourist spots – to be especially healing and safe.

Reaching out for support is a courageous and significant step in your journey. If you’d like to know more about our Bali rehab centre, we are here to answer your questions, offer advice and encourage you to transform your life.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange a call with one of our trained counselors.

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Registered Yoga School 200 Yoga Alliance


FDAP: Pono is committed to both standards and ethics, accredited by the federation of drug and alcohol professionals.
APRCB: Pono is one of the founders of the “Association of professional Rehab Centers in Bali”.
APRCB members are reputable, established rehab centers and Bali based companies that respect and support the local community. Rest assured with confidence in a secure and conscious investment guarantee.
RYS: We are also a Yoga Alliance accredited yoga school and holistic healing center.
Our mission/ethos is to provide a high standard of service, with integrity, delivered by professionals at an affordable price, to genuinely help individuals and families with honest advice. Our semi non-profit foundation support and cross subsidy program for locals, together with successful outcomes for clients, is our primary motivation, not just commercial gain.

Take a look at our Bali Rehab Program


Addiction Rehabilitation Centre 1

PONO Rehab retreat Centre

Our Bali rehab centre offers affordable rehabilitation services in private, deluxe beachside accommodation.  Start your healing journey…

  • An expert team of experienced and qualified mental health and addiction specialists, counsellors, therapists and support staff who genuinely care about supporting you on your healing journey.
  • Affordably priced treatment programs at our Bali rehab centre, personalised to your individual needs at a realistic cost.
  • Flexible stay options starting with a 21-day minimum, and capacity to add on weeks as you progress. Or 30, 60, and 90-day programs, customised to your circumstances. *
  • Amazing location and facilities – we are the only Bali rehab centre located in a peaceful beachside village, with an amazing wellness and healing centre, set in a garden oasis right on a beautiful white sand beach and away from the bustle of popular tourist spots.
  • Deluxe private accommodation  – book a place in our own small boutique hotel, or private luxury villas, with customized programs for families and partners.
  • A maximum of six clients, designed to encourage, support and inspire each individual, building trust within small group therapy sessions, while delivering the attention necessary for individuals, through one on one sessions.
  • Clinical and holistic therapies, combining proven techniques and therapies that work.
  • A semi-non-profit organisation, supporting two children’s foundations and other local causes, including a cross subsidy program, for locals requiring rehab in Bali.
  • Honesty and integrity are at the core of everything we do. Power of Now was established in 2010 as a legal PMA company. We respect all local laws as members of the ex-pat business community.

* During initial consultation, our team will offer advice on an optimal time frame, and make a suitable plan, that can be reassessed and adjusted to achieve your goals and success.

How Pono rehab retreat program in Bali works

How our program works

This program is delivered by expert health professionals, specialized in treating mental health issues and addiction recovery. Our private residential property and healing centre is located in a safe and tranquil beachside community in Sanur. We believe this location is perfect for doing the healing work, that will change the course of your life. Wherever it’s possible, we encourage family involvement with a customized family support program. If required, we stay in contact with families, giving regular updates on loved ones progress and wellbeing.

This specific rehab program was developed for patients and their families, who are actively searching for a way to break the cycle of addictions, alcohol abuse and mental health issues. It combines evidence-based, best practice clinical treatments and holistic therapies, as well as general health and wellness activities designed to promote positivity and wellbeing. These elements are carefully tailored to create a custom program for each of our clients, to ensure recovery is successful. We only accept six clients maximum at any time in our luxury rehabilitation center, at kolonial house. We also have four private luxury villas close by, for families or those requiring more privacy and after care transition accommodation.

We also believe that recovery cannot happen when a person is forced to participate in a program. This is why we only accept clients who have made the decision to accept our help. We carefully screen our clients during our initial intake, to ensure we maintain harmony in our small group, with suitable clients. We don’t accept detoxing clients or those with acute or chronic illnesses. We refer these clients to our specialist partner and primary care facility, nearby on the island. They are a lockdown center, with the specialist care required for some clients, before possibly joining us to complete their recovery. If you seek our support honestly and willingly, we can provide you with the encouragement and skills you need for your recovery journey. Please get in touch with us, to take the first step. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Basis of our rehab retreat program

  • One-on-one counselling – psychotherapy, counselling, coaching and specific therapies, including motivational development, CBT, TRE and other effective clinical techniques and recovery tools.
  • Group therapy – in house community and/or online support group options to help build trust, understanding and gain mutual support from others with similar issues. Your counsellor will recommend the most suitable options, including the latest S.M.A.R.T recovery program and/ or specific 12 step programs and our own in house group sessions.
  • Individual and group „focus coaching“ – Understanding addiction behavior and mental health issues. Self managed motivation, recovery tools, coping strategies, cravings, relapse prevention plans.
  • Healing and physical activities – daily yoga classes and beach walks, art therapy classes, meditation, pranayama and yoga nidra. A full gym with personal coaches, plus swimming, surfing, tennis, golf, sailing, ocean kayaking and snorkeling.
  • In-house treatments and massage – acupuncture and Ayurvedic treatments, Bokashi therapy, Chi machine and steam room.
  • Mindfulness meditation – simple techniques to focus and calm your mind.
  • Embracing mother nature – Weekly adventure tours or cultural excursions: Discover Bali’s amazing waterfalls, rice terraces, jungle walks, beach walks and mountain trekking.
  • Rest – Relax – Breath – Recover. This is your retreat – easy does it.
  • Eat well — We’ll provide you with healthy meals, snacks and drinks for all dietary requirements, as well as nutritional advice.
  • Transform your life – mentally, physically and spiritually, using a range of tools that will support you to form new and healthy habits!

What does a typical week involve at our Bali rehab centre?

Monday to Friday is structured with therapy sessions and activities designed to support your recovery. These days are not rigidly planned.

  • A number of one on one and group sessions, physical activities and treatment options are encouraged, however clients are not forced to attend anything they do not want to be a part of.

Saturdays are reserved for excursions, sporting and adventure activities, cultural tours and many amazing options bali has to offer, including rafting, temple tours, beach and jungle walks, mountain and volcano trekking, snorkeling and boats trips, island visits, nature parks, village tours and all the iconic attractions bali is famous for.
Sunday is your rest day. You are also welcome to enjoy some of the many optional activities available to you, or simply relax on the beach, around the pool or in your private room/villa.

Pre-assessment and arrival

We are happy to offer free advice as part of our comprehensive assessment and initial intake process. If you do decide you would like to proceed, once you confirm with us, our expert team will begin to develop a customized plan for your stay at Pono. This plan includes travel advice, VIP arrival service at customs/immigration, medical detox advice or referral, and general info related to your program.
On arrival, a support team member will meet you for the 20min transfer to kolonial house. Once settled, our 24/7 in house doctor will give you a check up and discuss any specific issues, like prescription medications.

Customized programs in our private villas & family programs

If you prefer privacy or anonymity, or if you have any family members or support friends that may want to stay or visit with you during or after your treatment, we can organise a private villa offsite for you.

Of course, we encourage you to participate in the group therapy sessions and attend the main facilities to get the most out of the program.

We can customize a program for clients and families with specific needs, including mental health issues, relationship problems, or those just requiring more private one-on-one sessions. Our counsellors have a wide range of experience in many areas of mental health. We can also provide specific education for family members to learn about how to best support their loved ones through difficult times.

Further important questions (FAQ)

For substance addiction issues – Do I need to withdraw before attending rehab for alcohol and drugs?

The Power of Now Oasis is not a medical detox facility. This means you will need to undergo detox before arriving at our rehab centre for treatment. We believe this critical first phase of rehabilitation should be managed by experts who specialise in detox from drugs or alcohol. We have a trusted partner we refer to, for care in a professional medical detox facility close by.

We have also found that separating withdrawing clients from those in recovery is optimal for the recovery of our clients. Once you are detoxed and rested, and your mental clarity and health has improved, you will be better placed to succeed in the recovery process.

If you or a family member would like a referral to a trusted medical detox facility, we can provide you with the information you need. We highly recommend drawing on the support of a professional, if you anticipate chronic withdrawals.

Some people do prefer to detox at home with the support of family and a local doctor. However, for chronic addictions, we do find that the best outcomes occur when a person enters an inpatient medical facility for a period of at least five to fourteen days.

If you’re not sure whether or not you need to detox before starting rehabilitation services with us, we can assess your situation, and provide advice on the best step forward.

Am I free to leave the residence during treatment?

Yes, we believe gradually integrating back into the community is critical for long term recovery. When recovery happens in lockdown, it is common for people to experience difficulty when returning home and living outside the bubble of rehab in the ‘real world’.

This is why we want you to experience some of the challenges of the outside world, while you have access to counsellors and other experts, trained to support you with any hurdles you may face during your addiction rehab in Bali.

Of course, we have support companions who are available to accompany you when you are ready to explore the peaceful community around our healing centre.

Why do you only take small groups for Bali rehab retreats?

We only accommodate six clients in house and four in private villas, as this allows our team to deliver a high level of personalised care. We have also found that small group therapy sessions are highly beneficial, as clients can support one another, while still having regular access to one-to-one counselling.

Our experienced team is here to support, guide and encourage you within our structured program, which is focused on your long-term recovery.

Which length of stay options do i have?

Our clients are generally required to stay for a minimum of 21-days at our addiction rehab in Bali, as we believe this is the minimum amount of time needed for a successful recovery.

Depending on your personal circumstances, it is generally accepted that our 30, 60, or
90-day programs work best to ensure full recovery and to prevent relapse. We will, together with you, decide what’s best for you on your individual journey of

We offer the flexibility to extend your stay, if you choose to. If more time is
recommended, we will discuss this with you during one of your counseling sessions.

What happens after your rehab retreat? Is there an after care planning, or relapse prevention available?

We place great emphasis on developing a comprehensive after care plan with your counselor. Together, we will create a daily routine to follow, discuss ways to manage or avoid triggers and stay motivated and continue your recovery and transform your life. With the recovery tools and knowledge that we will teach you in house, you can continue to practice after you leave our center. For those clients with limited financial resources, we can also assist you to transition after your in house stay here, to a more budget safe housing accommodation, near by. This way you can continue with your recovery, while being supported by our community, staff and companions. You can continue with ongoing meetings, selected therapies and treatments and enjoy a further break from your life at home.
We don’t offer unrealistic quick fixes at Pono. Generally, the first months particularly and in most cases at least the first 3 months after a retreat, are critical to breaking old habits and forming new motivations and lifestyle changes.
The following 6 months and beyond it is still necessary to maintain your healing journey.
Our main motivation is to honestly assist you to really transform your life for the long term

Our mantra at all times:

We will listen to you, support and help you, encourage and inspire you. We won’t force you to do anything

Team on boat_Rehab Program Bali_Kolonial House_Power of now oasiss-Recovery-and-Rehabilitation-Yoga-and-Meditation-Power-Of-Now-Oasis

Our Team

Meet the professionals who operate our Bali rehabilitation center and ensure you have everything you need for a successful recovery.

Paul_Pono_Rehab retreat programm director

Program Director


Paul is our program director, oversees all aspects of the program management and is passionate about helping all our clients during their recovery process.
Originally from Australia, he made Bali his second home as he loves the culture and spirituality of the people. Semi retired now, he has been assisting with Pono and Kolonial House management for several years, with a wide ranging background, including farming, ambulance officer, and chairing several community committees.

Amelia_Admissions_Rehab Program Bali_Kolonial House_Power of now oasis

Program Co-ordinator


Amelia co-ordinates the rehab programs, retreats and trainings, which operate at the centre. Your initial contact is likely to be with Amelia, as she will connect you with the most suitable specialist for your initial advice. Amelia will then assist you with all the details of admission, including travel and other special requirements.

David Wiles_Pono_rehab centre

David Wiles
Consulting Psychotherapist and Counsellor


David grew up in Australia and in his early work years was employed as a Youth Worker, Government Social Worker and Community Worker. At the age of 30 he moved to Indonesia and worked in various fields including teaching English as a foreign language, University lecturer in Academic Studies and Maths, and the past several years after becoming an Indonesian citizen working as a Recovery Therapist and Coach here in Bali.

David has a master’s degree in Counseling & Psychotherapy and is a certified Focusing Oriented Therapist and Trainer, a trained Level 2 Internal Family Systems Therapist and continues training in Bowen Family Systems Theory. He enjoys working with people battling substance abuse, helping them to identify the emotional patterns in their behavior, assisting in relieving trauma and wounds and aid the learning to develop a more solid, differentiated self. David is also a certified TRE (Trauma Release Exercise) provider and uses this body oriented method to assist clients attain a more regulated and relaxed nervous system which can allow for greater movement into mindfulness and change.

Vernon Hartshorne_Power of Now Oasis Rehab Facility

Vernon Hartshorne
Program Clinical Director/ Counselling


Vernon has many years of experience in the field of addiction. Initially with alcoholism and drug addiction, moving into co-addiction and other behavioral health disorders, including sex addiction, anorexia, bulimia, depression and anxiety.  Vernon has worked in a variety of leading global 12-Step rehabs, including Life Works and The Priory in England, and Castle Craig in Scotland.  He has also worked in Thailand, Hong Kong, and Indonesia where he was the Clinical Director. In addition to his work in private practice, Vernon has worked with various charities, and the private sector.  He is a qualified person-centered therapist who has worked as a bereavement counsellor and facilitated emotional support groups within schools and prisons.  Vernon has also worked with perpetrators of domestic abuse. More recently he has really enjoyed developing the treatment approach for “Help Me Stop” after visiting Los Angeles and studying their successful intensive outpatient programs. He is passionate about creating the right conditions for growth and using only what works to create change.

Addiction Rehabilitation Centre 2



Dr. Monika is a Neuropsychologist and worked at different universities as well in diagnostic clinics, neurorehabilitation, and outpatient therapy.
She has worked 9 years at the National Institute for Medical Rehabilitation in Hungary and has 10 years of experience in trauma treatment, special need therapy, and addiction treatment in developing countries.
Her approach to healing is holistic, combining different body-mind methods, helping identifying, processing and releasing core neurophysiological sources of emotional/body pain, trauma, dissociation, and a variety of other challenging symptoms.
Monika has a long-standing Buddhist meditation practice and adheres to mindfulness good practice guidelines.
She is also a qualified yoga teacher (yoga therapy, trauma-informed yoga) with Yoga Alliance and has a special interest in the neuropsychology of mindfulness, compassion, and meditation practices.

Rehab Bali Bernie Khan Integrative Counsellor at power of now oasis

Bernie Khan

Integrative Counsellor

Bernie is a therapist who qualified with a BA honours degree in integrative counselling over a decade ago. As a professional counsellor and an accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), she is an individual who uses her personal and professional life experiences to form therapeutic alliances and work on a deep relational level with people from diverse backgrounds, in a variety of settings. She is an inclusive, patient and non-judgmental practitioner.  Bernie has also been working as a counselling support worker and advocate over the past 15 years and will help our rehab retreat program with her extensive experience of using her counselling model with alternative mediums/tools where necessary. 

Bernie has been in personal recovery for fifteen years; is an active member of O/A (Overeaters Anonymous), ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics), and RCA (Recovering Couples Anonymous). She enjoys socializing, swimming, yoga, singing, dancing and reading, attending 12-Step fellowship meetings/retreats/conventions, and CPD trainings.

Bernie is a great organizer who can manage and resolve practical and emotional issues by being insightful, calm and empathic. She has grown into an aware therapist and learned the importance of treating each client as a unique individual – in line with our mission statement at PONO.

Lia_Power Of Now Oasis_Rehab Facility and Yoga Retreat



Lia is one of the most popular head teachers at our wellness center.
She is a very experienced, understanding member of our team and has been working with people overcoming addictions and alcoholism for many years.
Passionate about helping clients discover the benefits of a holistic approach, Lia is introducing them to simple meditation practices, yoga exercises and breathing techniques to improve mental, physical and overall spiritual wellbeing. She likes to combine the principles of the 12step programs with her way of teaching. She’s leading both groups and is also able to design specific programs for individual clients. With her genuine caring and positive nature, Lia enjoys helping people and making new friends.

APH_Dr-Peter-Connor_GP__Rehab Program Bali_Kolonial House_Power of now oasis

Dr. Peter Connor
Consulting Specialist

GP specialised in addiction medicine

Dr Connor is an addiction specialist with many years of experience in recovery treatment. He is a resident GP specialized in addiction medicine at Abbotsford Private Hospital in Perth, Western Australia. We consult with Dr Connor for specialist advice and refer clients in need of expert clinical care and medical detox, when considered necessary.

Dr. Abishek Joshi__GP_Rehab Program Bali_Kolonial House_Power of now oasis

Dr Abishek Joshi
Ayurvedic Doctor (PhD) & Yogi


Dr Abishek is a highly trained Ayurvedic physician from India. He is one of only a handful of PhD practitioners, and has extensive experience treating patients in recovery. Dr Abishek also practices yoga, and is known for his spiritual and calming nature. His family runs one of the leading traditional Ayurvedic medical hospitals in India.

Dr. Ari__GP_Rehab Program Bali_Kolonial House_Power of now oasis

Doctor Ari Sudhewa
Resident GP

On Call 24/7

Dr Ari delivers 24/7 medical and nursing care to clients at our Bali rehab centre. He is a very experienced GP, who is also backed by fluent English language skills. Dr Ari’s clinic is one of the best in Bali. His services include overseeing all of the medical needs of our clients, including medications and general care.

Tony Liem_Rehab Program Bali_Kolonial House_Power of now oasiss-Recovery-and-Rehabilitation-Yoga-and-Meditation-Power-Of-Now-Oasis

Tony Lim
Chinese Medicine


Sensei Tony Lim is a highly advanced traditional Chinese medicine practitioner. He specialises in acupuncture and other forms of Chinese Medicine that heal and support individuals through the process of rehabilitation. He has many years of experience in treating people for addiction and works with clients at the Power of Now Oasis.

Merta Ada_Rehab Program Bali_Kolonial House_Power of now oasiss-Recovery-and-Rehabilitation-Yoga-and-Meditation-Power-Of-Now-Oasis

Merta Ada
Meditation & Healer

Traditional Healer

Merta is a famous local healer and expert meditation teacher, with an abundance of experience helping people through addiction recovery, trauma, depression and other illnesses. He conducts meditation retreats at his sanctuary, which our clients can be a part of. Chris has been a student of Merta for over 20 years and believes he is one of the most amazing teachers and people.

Ibu Dayu_Ayurvedic Spa_Rehab Program Bali_Kolonial House_Power of now oasiss-Recovery-and-Rehabilitation-Yoga-and-Meditation-Power-Of-Now-Oasis

Ibu Dayu
Ayurvedic Treatments & Yoga and Meditation Instructor

Ayurvedic Treatments

Ibu specialises in Ayurveda, a system of traditional medicine and practices, which focus on healing the mind, body and spirit. Ibu’s Ayurvedic treatments are supported by her yoga and meditation teachings and can be particularly beneficial to recovering clients. She is always smiling and loves laughing yoga.

Addiction Rehabilitation Centre 3

Sandeep Atri
Master Yogi

Yoga and Meditation

Sandeep is the Power of Now’s Master Yogi and meditation guru from India. He shares his knowledge of yoga and pranayama, which focuses on grounding breath work designed to centre and calm the nervous system. Sandeep is also a raw detox food chef and lover of philosophy. He is a very calming and compassionate man.


GP & Yoga Teacher


Menik is a practising physician and passionate yogi. She is also one of the lead teachers at the wellness centre, bringing a wealth of knowledge, together with a friendly and empathic approach to treating and teaching clients. Menik has worked at an international hospital in Bali since 2015, but now balances her medical work with grounding yoga practice and teaching.

Chris Sampson_Founder_Rehab Program Bali_Kolonial House_Power of now oasis

Chris Sampson

Founder & Support

Chris founded the rehab program, primarily to help himself by helping others struggling with drug addiction. From a young age, Chris faced his own struggles with addiction. He credits yoga, meditation, surfing, the principles of the 12-step program and the recovery community in Sanur, for his own recovery and hopes the program can encourage others to transform their lives.

Addiction Rehabilitation Centre 4

Ingrid, Nyoman, Gede and Ketut
Accommodation Management, Housekeeping & Food


Ingrid takes care of guest relations, housekeeping, and property management at Kolonial House, together with the house staff, who are like a family. Her work includes organising food for our clients in-house, as well as coffee, tea, juices and take away delivery. Ingrid never stops, and loves to connect and be of assistance to our guests.

Ayu_Rehab Program Bali_Kolonial House_Power of now oasis

Ayu, Indah and Yuyun
Wellness Support Staff


Ayu, Indah and Yuni run the wellness centre together. They ensure you are cared for, while also managing all wellness therapies, appointments and yoga classes, as well as the Juice Bar, sporting and adventure activities, and cultural excursions. They are a ray of sunshine and go above and beyond to ensure you have an amazing stay.

Addiction Rehabilitation Centre 5

Anika, Risky, Tania, Wira
Support Team


Our support team assists clients as companions, drivers and guides. These amazing people have been through the rehabilitation process themselves, and are now stable in recovery. They’re here to listen and encourage you on your journey, while sharing their own personal experiences and having some fun along the way.

Yoga Shala Power Of Now Oasis

Beachside Rehabilitation center

Pono is the only rehab center, located in a tranquil beachside location in Bali – where you can relax and focus on your recovery. Every guest receives a private, deluxe room within our boutique accommodation, which features a private bathroom, fast WIFI, DVD player, satellite TV and character furnishings or a private luxury villa.

Kolonial House is our own private and peaceful sanctuary, located just a five-minute walk from the wellness centre on the beach. We only take care of a handful of guests at a time, to ensure you receive the best possible care in a supportive group setting. We also have private deluxe villas, for those clients preferring anonymity, or who would like to bring family support and customise a program to suit their requirements.

Bali rehab retreat power of now oasis main pool at facility
Addiction Rehabilitation Centre 6
Standart Room 1 2 1 5
Standard Room 1 Outside
Bali rehab centre power of now oasis kolonial house living room
Holistic Rehabilitation Yoga and Meditation Power Of Now Oasis
  • 8 deluxe private rooms with ensuite bathrooms
  • Fast WIFI, satellite TV and DVD player in each room
  • 2 swimming pools
  • Beautiful gardens, with koi and turtle pond
  • 2 large common areas and 2 kitchens
  • Consultation rooms
  • Spa treatment area and steam room

Click here for more information about the Kolonial House facilities.

Addiction Rehabilitation Centre 7

The beachfront wellness center facilities

  • 2 yoga studios
  • Treatment rooms
  • Chill lounge area, Juice Bar with sound system and musical instruments
  • Main office, with business facilities, printing, scanning and fast WIFI
  • Garden oasis with hammock therapy area, next to our sacred cow Angelique
Addiction Rehabilitation Centre 8

Local partners and services for your enjoyment & exercise

  • Full size gym, with professional personal trainers
  • Private luxury 2-, 3- & 4-bedroom villas, all close by the wellness center and kolonial house
  • The best full spa in Sanur for professional massage, wellness and other treatments
  • Rip Curl water sports, including surfing, stand up paddle boarding, ocean kayaks and snorkelling tours
  • Tennis courts and golf course
  • Maia (45-foot) Catamaran, which is an alternative group meeting and therapy space, and  used for sailing, swimming and meditation on the ocean
bali retreats

Yoga, Health, Meditation Retreat

Our specifically designed Bali Health, Yoga and Meditation Retreat will rejuvenate you from the inside-out. You will be guided through activities that are meant to relax your mind and body. After spending a week with us you will leave feeling refreshed and uplifted.

Retreat Package

Your Bali Yoga, Health, Meditation Retreat Includes:

  • Ayurveda consultation
  • Unlimited Yoga and Meditation classes
  • 1x Private Yoga Session
  • 1x Private Meditation Session
  • 4x Different Holistic Treatments
  • Cultural Excursions
  • Healthy Breakfasts and Lunches
Retreat Information

Everyone is unique and your retreat is too. We give you the option to add on activities that you are interested in, making sure you enjoy every moment of your retreat.

On application, select add ons from the bespoke menu, which we will schedule for you and detail in a transparent account. We do not take any commission from our recommended partners, they give us their best-discounted prices that we pass on to you.

Retreats are for individuals or groups (maximum of 10 guests to ensure personal attention).
Bookings all year round subject to availability.

Retreat Inclusions
  • Beachside accommodation at the Mercure Resort, or 5 mins walk at Kolonial House boutique guesthouse (subject to availability).
  • Balinese blessing ceremony to begin the week.
  • Diagnostic consultation with our Ayurveda doctor to learn more about your constitution and how to integrate that into your life.
  • Unlimited Yoga and Meditation with a variety of teachers at the studio’s scheduled classes.
  • One private Yoga & one private Meditation session with one of our head-teachers.
  • 4 holistic treatments: Ayurveda Full Body Massage, Acupuncture, Traditional Balinese Massage, and Bokashi Therapy.
  • Full-Day Cultural Excursion to Ubud: Includes stops at Tegalalang Rice Terrace, Tirta Empul Water Temple and more.
  • Healthy breakfast and lunch provided at the studio.
  • Recommendations for exploring the best local restaurants by night.
  • Opening Dinner provided at our favorite Sanur Restaurant.
  • Product gift pack with everything you will need for your stay here.
  • Herbal steam room: eucalyptus-infused steaming therapy for detox, relaxation and weight management.
  • The amazing chi machine therapy: brilliant for skeletal and muscular relaxation and alignments, as well as circulation, chi prana, energy boost.
  • Hammock therapy: simply swing, breath, swing in our beautiful garden area around the studio.
  • Sound therapy: relax listening to special 4 megahertz meditation and relaxation music.
  • Airport transfers included.
Retreat Pricing

These are bespoke individual retreats not set date group retreats, where you select the dates you wish to come. However, if other guests join at the same time some activities will be combined.

7 days and 6 nights: Sunday – Saturday

  • Single – $1400
  • Double – $2200 ($1100 per person)
  • You may select add-ons from our bespoke menu during booking process
  • Costs are all-inclusive

*Retreat fees are in USD
*Accommodation options are at Kolonial House or Mercure Resort Sanur
*Subject to availability

Booking information bali rehab pono Holistic Wellness Recovery and Rehabilitation Yoga and Meditation Power Of Now Oasis 159

Booking information

Find out more about Bali rehab prices for evidence-based, holistic treatment programs designed to support you in your recovery.

If you would like to book yourself into one of our treatment programs, or make a booking on behalf of a loved one, please contact us by email or phone us directly to discuss the most suitable option for you or your loved one’s needs.

We will connect you with the team member most suited to answer your questions and provide advice, based on your needs, or those of your loved one. Our programs are customized to the individual history and circumstances of each client. During initial assessment, we will recommend a length-of-stay best suited to the recovery needs of the client.

However, we do require clients to spend a minimum of 21-days in treatment at the centre, as we believe this is the minimum amount of time required to achieve recovery success.*

Considering your life and circumstances, it is generally accepted that our 30, 60, or
90-day programs work best to ensure full recovery and to prevent relapse. We will, together with you, decide what’s best for you on your individual journey of

Ultimately, the time you spend with us must be a choice that you make. Our program is designed for people who want to make positive and lasting changes in their life – not because they were forced to, but because they choose to.

* Depending on the individual client’s circumstances, more time may be required.

Bali Rehab Prices for the Power of Now Oasis

Bali Rehab Retreat

  • Minimum 21 days
  • US$7,350 (cost is all-inclusive)
  • If necessary, you may add time to your stay to ensure complete recovery. This can be discussed with your counsellor in treatment:
    • Per additional week – US$2,450
  • 30 Day Program – US$9,500
  • 60 Day Program – US$18,000
  • 90 Day Program – US$26,000

To find out more about Bali rehab costs, please talk to us. We recommend programs based on the length of time that best suits you or your loved one. When considering this, we always account for your circumstances and personal history.

Customized programs in private villas

Dependant on your requirements and villa choices, we will provide a transparent tariff on top of our “standard all inclusive“ pricing.

Generally, a 3-bed villa with 24/7 support companion is around 200 US$ extra per day, or 1400 US$ per extra week. Please send us an iquiry for the exact rates.
Special services like family counselling, extra catering, tours or excersions can all be added on.

At PONO, we are working together with a network of the best service providers, making it possible to pass on special partner rates directly to you.

Price on application

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January 2021

My Rehab Experience 

At first I was nervous because I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had been diagnosed with clinical depression due to the insurmountable pressure from my personal life in 2020 and for the past few months before taking the leap with Pono, I truly felt hopeless. My anxiety was at an all time high, up to the point where leaving my home to join the world, even for a slight moment, gave me intense anxiety. I knew something had to be done because my mental health was declining everyday and I was getting to the point where I was losing hope for my future. I was encouraged to try outside help, particularly in a rehab style facility that specializes in depression and generalized anxiety and I came across Power of Now. I’ve been to Bali before so going back to Bali to find the healing that I so needed felt like the perfect fit for me. My initial email to the team was nerve wrecking, but the timely response with the coordinator, and not to mention her immediate positive energy in wanting to help me helped in tremendously easing my anxiety. The initial conversation was warm and sincere, with every question I had being answered thoroughly, and that was when I decided to take the leap and go on this journey to self healing. My intake appointment with the clinical director was difficult because of my social phobia, but Vernon made me feel safe and I was able to open up to him and be honest about my struggles without feeling any judgment or contempt.

When I got to Pono I was immediately welcomed by all of the staff. The staff made me feel at home immediately and there was an energy of genuine care and concern for my well-being. A schedule was created for me, and throughout my days I was well taken care of. My clinical team, which consisted of three magnificent therapists, were well aware of my issues and immediately had plans to help me with my recovery. It was not an easy process but I appreciate the sincerity of them wanting to help me and I greatly appreciated them not babying me in any way. In order to make positive changes in my life, I knew I had to put in the work and they encouraged me to do so in every way. I was given multiple readings and assignments and had to report back to the therapists and that helped in my realizing the changes that I needed to make in myself in order to regain control of my life. 

Not only does Pono focus on clinical practices but they also focused on other holistic practices such as acupuncture, Ayurvedic and yoga. I practiced yoga every morning at the Pono yoga studio and that helped tremendously in calming my inner sense of self and my overall mental state. The acupuncture was well needed as it helped with my anxiety levels and that overall was a magical experience.

Staying at the Kolonial house during my retreat was magnificent. It’s a quiet, beautiful home that had me felt safe and I was never alone. The staff were amazing in making sure I ate properly and were very caring. I made friends with them and it felt like being with family. 

I will always be grateful for my experience at Pono. I felt like I was given a second chance at life. I now understand that I am not a lost cause; the skills I’ve learned to gain more control of my emotional state and my overall life will be carried with me for a very long time, and I encourage anyone who is suffering from depression and anxiety to open up their hearts to this facility. I promise you that you will be in good hands and the experience and teachings are well worth it. 


I spent a month at Power of Now Oasis that has changed my life.

It was one of the best decisions I ever made. I had some mental health issues and addictive behavior problems and never thought I could feel so good about life again.

I am so grateful to all the staff. I learnt so much and they also inspired me to hopefully transform my life. They were so supportive.The wellness centre on the beach is truly amazing. Kolonial House is a beautiful and relaxing space to stay. It wasn’t easy to begin with, but eventually, when my physical and mental health improved, I began to feel peace and joy again. The whole support team felt like friends. I decided to extend my stay and they helped me move into the community, where I continued to go to meetings and yoga classes. I felt supported by the whole community.

I also appreciate they actually do support 2 kids foundations and other local causes. I can’t thank them all enough. If you have a problem I highly recommend you reach out to one of the team there. It was the perfect place for healing and recovery.


I spent a month at Power of Now Oasis that has changed my life.

Amazing rehab retreat center & beautiful people – in Sanur.

I recently went on a rehabilitation retreat at Power of Now Oasis staying at Kolonial House and had treatments from the wellness center as well. Firstly, the wellness center is so peaceful and I felt so welcomed by all the staff and tutors at Power of Now Oasis. They cooked me delicious(!) breakfasts and lunches each day – all vego – felt right at home by the end of the retreat. The sessions were all expertly led and really interesting – and the retreat was really tailored to my needs. Thank you so much Power of Now Oasis – You’ve given me great memories that I will hold onto for a very long time.


So so grateful for this program and every door that it has opened for me since completion!


Really gorgeous location. Amazing staff with lots of knowledge at both the wellness center and accomodation 🙂



I came to Bali to make a recovery from my addiction to cocaine, alcohol and other substances in february 2020.

I cannot describe in words how much the counsellors and the whole team has been supportive through this journey to my true inner self. The head counsellor Jo and the rest of the team are highly qualified in their areas, very experienced and understanding. The team gave me a strong foundation in guiding me with trust, kindness and love during the process. It was also very helpful for me that I could learn the right tools to handle my emotions and my mind and my physical symptoms. Before I never could imagine how powerful the tools of meditation, yoga and others in combination could be. The introduction to the Twelve Step Program and the NA Meetings was very special for me, because I really could understand emotionally how addictive behavior works. The unique Kolonial House, which is the hostage part of the center is simply amazing in its beauty. It is much more beautiful in reality than any picture could ever show. I am so grateful for the help I received here. I can tell honestly that it was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. I never thought it is possible, that I ever feel the way about life, like I do now. That is why I extended my stay here for another three months and I love it.


I fell in love with this place and all beautiful souls working there!

It was the best decision to join their program, everything is well organized, structured, you learn so many things and more about yourself. Everyone on the team is different but super special in their own way and you will have benefits from each. Go for it!!



The best choice I could have made! Professional, well organized and so much fun.