Set 50 metres away from the sea shore in Sanur on the island of Bali, Power of Now Oasis is a yoga studio built 100% of bamboo. It is a beautiful eco structure set right on the beach, with a beautiful tranquil garden in which Angelique, their sacred Bali cow and Head Meditator lives. There is also a second wooden shala in the garden itself, and the newly constructed sturdy, wooden toilet facilities.

It is really a sight to behold, when you walk up to Power of Now Oasis. The first floor is cool and dim; half of this space is filled with funky wooden Balinese style furniture, colourful cushions and fabric, beautiful traditional Balinese paintings and decorations. The other half is filled with merchandise, ranging from mala necklaces, to aromatherapy oils, to studio branded yoga wear. They have a mini kitchen and you can order a juice or shake or even one of their special meals (for retreat guests only), and there is a desk where payments and inquiries can be made.

 Going up the stairs (also made of bamboo); you will be greeted with a spacious, light and airy space which is the yoga space. The roof is styled in a sail – like fashion and made of alang alang (thatched roof) akin to many traditional Balinese buildings. The best part of this is that it allows for birds, to flit in and out, and even bats though they only become active in the night.

The Power of Now Oasis Yoga Experience 1

As you practice, you will be surrounded by the chit chits of the sparrows and other local bird life, the warm sea breeze and the sound of life on the beach. The studio is set in a quiet, almost private beach and there isn’t any loud music or activities. It is really a tranquil, safe and friendly area.

The Power of Now Oasis Yoga Experience 2

The genuinity of this place is what sets it apart. Unlike neighbouring areas in Bali, there is none of the busy traffic, the large amount of people/tourists. There is none of the rush of nonstop promises of having a better life after one class or workshop or training, there is none of the push to go on this diet, or that regime, there is none of the competitiveness of asana classes, where breath, mindfulness and meditation have taken a backseat in the label of yoga.


What there is, is a space that is open. It welcomes you as you are, and wants nothing more from you. It is a space where you can be safe and comfortable being yourself. It might be your first yoga class, or it might be your ten thousandth… The classes are suitable for everybody and for every body. The staff are lovely and smiles and laughter are aplenty. The instructors are experienced but also respectful to the body’s abilities and capabilities. The authenticity of Power of Now Oasis is quite extraordinary and an experience to be had by everyone who visits Bali.